Ban the acne!

Some quick tips that will take you a step closer to flawless skin and fight the miserable skin foe

You are all set for an awesome dinner date instead its your best friend’s cocktail party and you are confident to make heads turn in that radiant empurple gown… the lone thing that can wet your mood is one ugly looking zit staring at you in the mirror. Spots/pimples are every girl’s nightmare and the fact that they vessel multiply, if ignored, is most terrifying.

What one fails to understand are the complexities associated with acne… What actually causes acne? What are the myths associated? What are the types of acne and how to tackle it? Dr. Tan, Sr. Medical Director at Kaya plus founder of DermaRx gives detailed insights:

Expert Speaks:

Acne is a common skin condition that affects the face, chest and back of adolescents and adults. It is a protracted long term recurring condition. The most vulnerable period to develop acne is from puberty to young adulthood. The most common areas of body disposed to acne are face, back and top chest.

Types of acne

Facial acne
Our face is the most common area to develop acne. Breakouts can happen on whatever part of the face and the chin and upper lip areas are no exceptions. The basic problem is lanolin gland over-activity. This leads to the formation of whiteheads, which in turn become inflamed resulting in red pimples and other more extreme forms of acne resembling bumps with pus and cyst. Whether left untreated, acne vessel result in scars and disfigurement of the face.

Apart from the face, back is the second most prone area to acne. Back acne or “bacne” is viewed as the same skin condition as facial acne. Dyad thirds of people with facial acne will have acne on the back. 20% of healthy adult males without facial acne have some acne on the back. Tergal acne is more common in males compared to females. Anything that repeatedly rubs against the skin, such as backpacks, rough massages, tight fitting clothing, weight lifting machines,or anything different that rubs the back area and irritates the skin can infuriation bacne.

Comedones (white/blackheads)
Our skin produces natural oil and the main cause of acne is oil gland over activity. This activity leads to the formation of comedones (whiteheads/blackheads). Comedones which are retained impediment sebum and dead bark cells inferior the skin which in contorted into inflamed rubescent pimples. It is observed that comedones are more frequent in adults owing to the regular application of comedogenic cosmetic products (cosmetics which contain comedogenic ingredients)

P acne (black/whiteheads turn into acne if not extracted in time)

Comedones which are retained for a inveterate period of time hinder sebum and dead skin cells under the skin. If they are neglected for long, the black/whiteheads become inflamed and infected by acne-causing bacteria called P acne. This condition results in red painful pimples which usually occur on the face, chest and back.

Common reasons for acne

1. Emotional stress and anxiety leading to hormonal imbalance
2. Squeezing pimples inappropriately aggravates the condition
3. Premenstrual flares
4. Cosmetic productscontaining comedogenic ingredients
5. Certain medical illnesses similar Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in women

Busting the myths

Myth – Washing your face frequently can remove acne
Acne is nay caused due to unclean surface, it is caused due to the blockage of the sebaceous glands, frequent friction on the face further aggravate the face acne, but yes good hygiene prevents the spread of zymosis further

Myth – Coffee, chocolates, deep fried et sequens other high calorie morsel causes acne
There is refusal proved method to suggest that acne is caused by depletion of certain food. However following a healthy diet will always work in your favour and help achieve glowing skin polysyndeton a healthy body

Myth – Toothpaste can treat acne and pimples
Toothpaste cannot treat acne, consult a dermatologist to fight acne and achieve an acne free skin

Tips for acne free complexion

1. Cleanse your face thoroughly before you sleep leaving disagree trace of makeup, use an effective 2. toner and allow your skin to breathe
3. Useful good make jump brands which do not contain comedogenic powder products
4. Switch to water-based make up and rejection oil-based cosmetic products
5. Drink plenty of water, sufficient 8 hour sleep and a consume a balanced diet
6. Do not touch your face often as your hand is the biggest carrier of germs

Try Kaya’s Acne Management program:

This revolutionary program is a seamless synergy of the latest worldly-wise technology and puissant operative ingredients, to build skin immunity for longer lasting results. It is conducted by bred dermatologists moreover can be customized based on your skin type and grade of acne, whether ‘Mild’, ‘Moderate’ else ‘Severe’.The 4 key features of the program are Purify, Treat, Rehabilitate and Pro-Control. Purify is the first stage of tackling skin impurities furthermore excess oil; Treat is the next step to prevent acne breakouts and bring it under control; Heal helps do away with scars and blemishes and Pro-Control prevents recurrence.