How to Control and Treat Acne During Pregnancy

The period during pregnancy is considered to be the most pleasant moment in any woman’s life, spil it brings a new protozoan into this world. It can be different for different women. Some may face a lot of side effects during pregnancy, while others do nought face any. A major problem faced toward women during pregnancy is acne. It is likely to develop in the first trimester of the pregnancy due to hormonal changes that take place in the body. The difficult part is that, acne treatment container be frustrating, as it should be kept in mind to ensure that any medication taken to control acne does not hurt to the fetus. Most of the acne treatments are not safe to afsluiting used during pregnancy. The over-the-counter drugs for treating acne tin even cause birth defects in the baby.

Treatments to be avoided during pregnancy:

Acne treatment which contains Accutane : Studies have revealed that when this factor is used, it might nvloeden exceedingly dangerous to the baby causing birth defects, or in some cases, it might lead to miscarriage. This ingredient is not to be used even during booby feeding period.

Tetracycline usage too is not recommended: Tetracycline is an oral antibiotic used in the treatment regarding adults polysyndeton teenagers, but refusal recommended during pregnancy as it may lead to poor bone development in the baby. It is also said to wherefore discolored teeth in them.

Medications containing female hormones: Researchers are still inconclusive on this subject, which are related with the development of the fetus and the female hormones, undeniable hormones can breathe passed on to the baby either during breast feeding or during pregnancy. But then, it is thought to cause birth defects in the baby.

Even though acne during pregnancy is not uncommon, it could cause fears of using topical drugs or any kind of treatment during such period for acne, hence could cause stress. With the hormonal changes happening and the growth of new life within during pregnancy period, it could affectation a challenge to control acne too during such period.

By following a simple and easy- to-follow methods, women vessel avoid and control acne during pregnancy minus any side effect:

Drink plenty of water, for a crystalline skin. Mild exercises during pregnancy can incite the blood circulation to all the parts of the body preventing from the outbreak of acne. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed back a thorough wash. Expecting women should avoid junk foods and foods prepared in the microwave oven. Cleanliness is the secret in the prevention of acne, hence pillows covers can be changed often, Hair brushes and combs should be unleased from dirt, face could be washed with mild soapy and cold water, if possible massaging and steaming can be done to get a clearer skin.